Many problems after update to v2.2.0

First problem : all ui_spacers used in the dashboard have no more groups ! They appear to own to one of my flows.

Then "tcp in" node :
the output options are : stream of strings delimited by character "@'
Now, in this version, the output contains this character : why ?

I was at the end of my project, and now I have to correct everything!
Thanks for this good update !

It is a major version update, and there are always liable to be some issues after a major update, particularly the first version of the major update.
If you don't want to sort the problems for this project then you can go back to the previous one if you want to. Depending on how you installed node red it might just be a matter of running
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red@some.version.number
and restarting node-red.
Presumably you have been keeping backups of your flows file and package files.

thanks for your answer !
Effectively, I dowgraded nodered and it works

There is no need to downgrade.

The issues have been fixed in Node-RED V2.2.2 and Dashboard V3.1.6

Have you raised an issue on the node-red github repository so the developers can triage this?

I tried v2.2.2 and dashboard v3.1.6 and I always issues with spacers ...

I do it right now

The space issue was resolved. It is for me. Just tested.

Perhaps you did not refresh browser after upgrading? Or perhaps you did not fix them up (open each spacer, click done, deploy)

This is how I could duplicate the problem and how I just tested it: Deploy generates an error message "...some nodes are not properly configured" · Issue #3398 · node-red/node-red · GitHub

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