Markers for multipoint geojson not displaying as expected

I am using the Turf module to create a multipoint geojson on the node-red-contrib-worldmap. I am using the geojson properties to select the marker symbol, size and color. What I am seeing is one marker applying the symbol properties but the remaining markers are the default red teardrop with white circle. I would like to see the same marker style as defined in the properties for all points in the multipoint.
I am using the latest version of web-worldmap (2.38) in Flowforge.
I am attaching an image of what I see:
Here is the geojson:
{ "name": "DIFF FLTR SW", "layer": "oemEvents", "geojson": { "type": "Feature", "properties": { "name": "DIFF FLTR SW", "title": "oem-events", "marker-size": "small", "marker-symbol": "fa-warning", "marker-color": "#ace" }, "geometry": { "type": "MultiPoint", "coordinates": [ [ -121.262817133304, 55.079570121853709 ], [ -121.26296908311616, 55.08022461863119 ], [ -121.26314970100212, 55.08025029355404 ], [ -121.26318632483282, 55.080261960728858 ], [ -121.2628182429498, 55.07966378977747 ], [ -121.26241540843121, 55.08556180650549 ], [ -121.26240251847629, 55.08471731634407 ], [ -121.26627765311483, 55.077599633049057 ], [ -121.26608940537696, 55.07742465784258 ], [ -121.26614800480989, 55.07775030858421 ], [ -121.2661375856292, 55.07701343661105 ], [ -121.26618841378401, 55.07780481032593 ], [ -121.26612188774591, 55.07697798119711 ], [ -121.26601485880544, 55.07553042210138 ], [ -121.26633692455498, 55.074997991762398 ], [ -121.26669054664272, 55.077582592772788 ], [ -121.26617373880804, 55.07748859305566 ], [ -121.26619922343532, 55.07779031426313 ], [ -121.254712655365, 55.06679947861222 ], [ -121.25821470603982, 55.06270277400221 ], [ -121.25745805522958, 55.063408629281209 ], [ -121.25210781361862, 55.06697350019816 ], [ -121.25351078040119, 55.06565329046843 ], [ -121.26702910970443, 55.077737596700497 ], [ -121.26624055761038, 55.077341786363408 ] ] } } }

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Thanks for the test case.
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Fixed in v2.38.1

Feel free to this project :slight_smile:

Sweet! Thanks so much!

Hi @dceejay
Is this the expected behaviour when clicking on the marker? Displaying a list of all properties?
Before the fix it just showed the title and name which is preferable in my view. Viewers of my dashboard won't be interested in the marker information.
If that is the expected behaviour then can the marker info be put in a style block? I have tried putting it in a style block but it has no effect.
While I'm at it I might as well add to the wish list :slightly_smiling_face: , is the teardrop marker the only option when using geojson multipoint objects? It would be great if there was an option to use the icon on its own, without the teardrop, as you can for single point objects that require a unique name. With multipoint objects I want the name to be the same for all points in the same group.
Thanks again.

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OK I have made it more consistent with other icon behaviour - so if the icon name has fa- in it it displays as just the fa-icon - and if without fa- it shows inside the teardrop
(and fixed the popup properties) - v2.38.3

Thank you @dceejay all of these changes are awesome! Thanks so much! This map node is the centerpiece of our dashboard and provides a lot of information and value to our customers.
Here is a sample of how we use it, the icons update positions every 15 seconds:

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Super neat ! Great to see how it’s used for real.

Because I've never seen deejay ask I'm going to say it here.

If your a company or work for a company and you like a opensource product and you would like it to stay supported / up-to-date, and working then...............Sponsor @dceejay on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub

You don't have to make it a subscription there is an option for a 1 time donation.


Thanks @meeki007. Any/All support is much appreciated.

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Thanks @meeki007 I didn't know there was such a sponsorship. Thanks for the heads-up, I will look into that.

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