Material Design Icons and Change Color SVG Image

Hi, I would like to use the Material Design Icons from in the Nodered Dashboard. The Integration works fine on this way.
<img src="/icons/thermometer.svg" />

Now i would like to change the Color of the Icon. Like this, but it dont work.
<img src="/icons/thermometer.svg" style="color: red" /> or
<img src="/icons/thermometer.svg" style="fill: red" />

Is there a better way of integration? How can i change the color?
Thanks for a quick note.

Have you searched the forum for “material design” ? Icons come up a lot

This link explains how to use CSS to change the color of Material Design icons

Thanks for the fast response. The MDI Icon Set have much more Icons then Googles Material Design.

I have added the MDI CSS and Fonts to the Nodered Dashboard directory and linked the css in the index.html.

Now it is possible to integrate the mdi icons und change the color like that.
<span class="mdi mdi-thermometer mdi-light"></span>

Thanks for help