Material design icons vs font awesome

This is due to angular stripping out anything dangerous like scripts and styles. But you can get round it by using html and the <font tag we mentioned earlier... it can take a color attribute so this will work.

<font color="red"><i class="fa fa-book fa-2x"></i></font>
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I thought the idea was to get away from using <font> ...... tags.

Anyway, ok. Thanks.

er no - the idea is to use tags correctly - in open and closing pairs.

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To be fair, both statements are correct.

Font tags shouldn't be used if possible and a framework should not force you to use old tags when CSS is a much better approach.

However, it does and Dave's answer is, as always, correct :slight_smile:

I shall have to again bow to superior knowledge.

But the if possible part wasn't in my knowledge base at time of posting.

So a lot of what I wan . . . .

Nah, I'll just dig another hole.

I'll shut up and re-process what was said now.

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Sometimes you have to accept that logic doesn't apply - just knowledge :smile: