Matter support for node red

There was just one point where I found information about "matter" and "node red".

Nodered with matter - Core Development / Feature Requests - Node-RED Forum

But no answer. The discussion was closed becouse of time out. :frowning:
Now matter goes to the wild. So, are there some news related to node red?

Now matter goes to the wild.

There are like 5 products in the world that support it and 4 of them are Apple devices, to make them ready.

What are you missing that is not currently working for you ?

I think that the "news" might be that Matter is interesting but still a long way from usable as a practical thing.

I'm also currently a little sceptical that this is a ruse by big manufacturers to try to tie people into their commercial products and make it harder for makers and independents.

But of course, the Node-RED community always welcomes people who wish to innovate and contribute. A contributed node is generally always welcome.

node-red-contrib-huemagic is not longer working on my pi. And the matter support for hue is ready for rollout within the next days. So that makes it sexy for me.

node-red-contrib-huemagic is not longer working on my pi.

Just use the forked version.

So that makes it sexy for me.

I think you are oversimplifying things here, unless you are developing the node(s), then you are in full control. The protocol has been created for manufacturers, not developers per se. You cannot create nodes/support for things that dont exist yet. Or do you know how/what Philips is implementing ?

Podcast for you Episode 402: Google begins its Matter roll out - IoT Podcast - Internet of Things


Thanks for the info! I will use the forked version!

For me matter is now for IoT, what the invention of printerdrivers was in the 80s for IT. :wink: Yes I bet on it.

Hopefully you don't mean "an ongoing nightmare of low-level rubbish code that can crash your OS" which is what Windows print drivers are. :smiley:


Also making your supadupa AIO printer obsolete when you upgrade windows :roll_eyes:

For me main reason for Matter support is possibility to add automations for HomeKit only devicesā€¦

Most of the Thread based accessories (Nanoleaf, Eve, ā€¦) runs on Thread and therefore there is no possible way how to automate these devices in NodeRed directly (I am aware of just workarround which requires creating duplicite device and manual clicking of automations in HomeKit appā€¦)

And at a same time, most of things running on Thread will get or already got update for Matterā€¦

My particular use cases would be:

  • Controlling Thread based Nanoleaf light strip
  • Reading energy consumption from Eve plugs (Thread based) and controlling them.
  • Using Eve door sensors (Thread based)

Unfortunately nothing of it is currently possible from NodeRed as far as I know (I am searching for solution for months already - if somebody has some tip how to handle it, it would be greatly appreciate it :blush: )

Homeassistant has Matter Support integrated into the latest release. Node Red could be added as an AddOn to Homeassistant to automate Homeassistant devices.

Most people here don't and won't use home assistant.
Let's first see how things pans out.

In terms of Thread support, it would require something like a 3rd party -open- "hub". The matter/thread concept: this is done for manufacturers, not necessarily consumers. Eventually the open hubs will appear, as the chips required are readily available. I can imagine Sonoff and the likes creating a dongle, similar to the zigbee dongle. NXP has one for development.

I just wanted to point out a way that is already possible. For the direct Node-Red integration of Matter/Thread you need a corresponding 3rd party node, which still has to be developed by someone. That may take a while.

For thread-control you need hardware that you can control, for matter you need software.
I can install node-matter and I can add a "simple" on/off device to homekit, node-red runs on nodejs. I don't see this as a roadblock, but currently this is still all in the infant stage.

@Hypnos thank you for pointing out integration with HomeAssistent, I'll check it out as temporary workaround! :blush:

On the hardware topic, there are already usb sticks with support for Thread and Matter, for example this one: CC2652R stick -

Thou as I understand (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) with matter it should be sufficient to have border router within the network like HomePod, Eve Smart Plugs, etc. as that should provide bridge between IPv6 <-> Thread networks (on Matter compatible devices). So as long as I am having one of these devices, NodeRed could communicate purely through IPv6 with Matter devices. Or is my understanding of how it works wrong?

If there is a node.js library. It shouldn't be too hard for someone to wrap that in a node definition.

Of course, you can always use the raw node.js library in a function node as well.

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