Mdbus tcp\rtu gateway

I have 2 modbus rtu devices connecting to node red through one modbus tcp\rtu gateway, i try to control both of them at the same time but i can not. can someone help me

Probably, but only if you give us a lot more information. Show us how you are trying to do it.

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I used modbus read node and write node for both of them.
But I may have to use flex getter nodes.
And about the server, which one must be the server the gateway or the modbus devices themselves?

Thanks alot

You said you had it working, so you must be doing it right already.

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If I connect only one plc to node red, I can connect, read and write
But more than one device I can not

I mean if I connect 2 or more rtu modbus devices to node red through the modbus tcp/rtu gateway I can not control all of them at the same time

You have not told us how you are trying to do it, in detail so that we can work out what the problem may be.

Edit: Corrected sentence above

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