Modbus TCP / Modbus RTU Gateway

Hi I'm new to node-red. I need to boild a gateway for Modbus. My home control system has a Modbus TCP connector and my ventilation control system uses Modbus RTU with an RS232 interface.
What works so far:

  • Raspberry Pi with RS232 Interface and Node-Red installed
  • Read / Write registers on ventilation control system with RS232 and Modbus RTU using Modbus Flex Getter and Modbus Flex Write
  • Write results in Modbus TCP Server
  • Read Values from home control system (using CAS Modbus Scanner)

I didn't figure out how to pass the client request (read/write) from my home control systen (Modbus TCP) directly to the Flex Getter or Flex Write. I didn't find any trigger in the Modbus TCP to indicate that a new request has taken place.

Help is appreciated.

BR Chris

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