Messages from Node-Red, suggestion

I know this could be seen as petty, but . . . . someone has to mention it.

Ok, I import nodes/flows, deploy, or many other things.

A nice message pops up. Fair enough.

But it is fixed there for a fixed time. Fair enough there as well.

But sometimes that time is a long time.

Could it be put in future releases that the message is there for n seconds or until the mouse is clicked elsewhere on the screen?

I hope that isn't too much to ask.

I have to say this mildly frustrates me too. It would be nice if it went away if you click on the main window. The same applies to similar popups that appear at other times.

Clicking the message itself will clear it

Yes, but that is unintuitive. Normally one clicks away from a window to hide it, not clicks on it.

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maybe worth adding a dummy button to such messages marked Dismiss (or something like that)


That sounds like a good idea.

I would prefer it just to go away if clicking elsewhere, or perhaps there are technical issues with that.

Well, me too originally. But I am open to alternatives.

I just got one of them and it didn't.

Granted it was one of these, but..... When I clicked on it, it didn't go away.

I would prefer messages that "actually" require actions to stay, especially the "unused nodes" one, that one "appears" to disappear quicker than others too (i have a wild imagination.).

not sure what is up with your version, but clicking that should def make it go away. Which version of Node-RED is that ?

My NR version is:


Hang on.

Are we saying clicking INSIDE the requester or OUTSIDE?

If I click INSIDE, it goes away.
(Got confused with where we were talking.)