"mi-videogame_asset" as icon works opposed to "mi-doorbell" or just "doorbell"

Hello Community,

I have a really weird behaviour on my dashboard. I wanted to use material design icons and found ways to do so in this forum... so i put in "mi-videogame_asset" and everything shows up correctly... so i looked around other icons that fit me (iE "mi-doorbell" or "doorbell" in the links provided - put as soon as i put in them in the same way with the prefix the icon AND the label dont show up anymore.

can anybody help me out here?

i just found out:
the label is not gone but aligned in a really weird way with certain icons like mi-doorbell - the icon itself still does not show up :frowning:

aaaaand another update: the problem seems to be chrome-specific... in edge everything seems to work fine.

Take a look at this issue it may help you

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