Migrating to new Pi

I would like to ask what would be the best practice when migrating to new Pi 4?
I was thinking about making a copy of buster from Pi3b+ SD card and just change the dhcp settings on the router to the new pi MAC address.
Is anything else needed for smooth transition, without changing the mqtt server IP address on every device?

Not sure if this is the best path to follow

[How can i upgrade a pi3 SD card to pi4? - Raspberry Pi Forums]

Thanks for answer, but as I said I I have Buster already installed and updated on 3b+, so its the same version as I would use on pi 4.
In the topic you posted OP was asking about migrating to new version of the OS

It is easy enough to find out I think, make a copy and plug it in, if it boots and appears to run then it is likely ok.

A quick search suggests you cannot just use a pi3 image with the pi4. There are some extra steps to take to update the bootloader.

Oke, success with your endeavor.
Why asking if already know what to do.
By the way, check the partsize of the sd card

Thanks for all answers, it was very helpful. I checked the boot size and its already at 265MB, so I will make a backup of the SD card and then try to update the firmware and hope for the best.
Is there a better way to migrate all nodred, influxdb and grafana data on new install without headache?
Pi should be arriving any day now=)

For anyone interested the procedure went perfectly.
If I compare 3b+ and Pi 4 with 4gb of ram its a whole another story with the Pi 4. It runs much faster and It dont even use the swap space anymore.
Whole thing is responding in real time, and for comparison it only uses 16% of ram, compared to around 60% on pi 3b+.
The thermals are great too and without a heatsink and fan I get around 50C when idle.
I am attaching also stress tests with fan and fan+heatsink configuration in custom lego case with fan always running.

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