Hello everybody,

Since I am a beginner in Node-Red and have not yet fully understood everything, I have an important question for you:

I'm getting data from a sensor via MQTT, which is already working. These are sent as a sequence at regular intervals. I would like to connect this data to the Mindsphere via a Mindconnect module. How can I do this and how do I then have to interconnect these blocks so that the data can be passed on (timestamp, MQTT input, etc.). I would be very grateful for a short support.

Best wishes

Not heard of these - is there a node If so, it helps to list the actual node module name.

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In addition to answering @TotallyInformation's question, I suggest you start by watching the node-red essentials videos linked from the node red docs. That will give you an excellent introduction into what node-red is all about.

Take a look at this example which connects MQTT to MindSphere via MindConnect

The node is available here:

and here is a video how to configure it:

Hey, thankĀ“s a lot @sn0wcat. Unfortunately I did not find the example before. It fits exactly to my application and is also super explained, as I think.


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