Mindconnect Node

Hi all,

I'm a beginner in Node-RED. I'm using MindConnect Node and am wondering how I can enable/disable this node and deploy it automatically rather than switching it manually? I need to develop such a program since I'm using the free version of Siemens MindSphere and need to turn it off whenever no data is sending.

Do you need to turn off the node or is simply blocking any output good enough?

There is an admin API for Node-RED but I don't really use it and I'm not sure if you can dis/enable nodes with it though I expect you can. It's a bit more than beginner level though.

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I do need to turn off the node and deploy it automatically.
Generally, I need to enable the Mindconnect node for a second and send data to the MindSphere platform and then disable it for about 1 minute and repeat the process. I couldn't find a solution to do so yet.

Couldn't see a direct admin api but I think that the independent admin tool will let you do it so it should be possible.

Command-line Administration : Node-RED (nodered.org)