MinIO Instance Configuration

Good morning everyone.

I am doing a project where I need the automatic configuration (via msg) of a Minio instance (node-red-contrib-minio-all). I am using the Objects operation node (the operation is a putObject), I am able to send the buckets, object and stream parameters but I have not been able to configure the instance. I need to configure the properties of minio-config node( MinIO host, port, secretKey, accessKey and useSSL).

Does anyone have a reference to this? Greetings Vincent

  1. Moved to General - as I do not believe you are Developing Nodes
  2. I quote from the read me

Please Note: This set of nodes (and associated support information) is a work in progress.

  1. We have seen this node in the forums before, the Node does not appear to be maintained
    Error with Minio Notification - #3 by zenofmud

My suggestion is to try and reach out to the dev, and if you don't get a response, search for a better node.

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