Missing information in the ewelink node

Dear all,
I am missing some information from ewelink node. In ewelink I have an option to share particual device with different users. Besides the update actions, I would also like to get who is the user that triggered that particular action. I can see this in the mobile app under the logs, but I can not see this is an output of the ewelink listener. As an output I get this: {"action":"update","deviceid":"1000a2c30c","apikey":"6836d1c0-50e8-4480-9f1b-859fccaf3854","userAgent":"device","params":{"switch":"off"},"from":"device","seq":"843"}
I get from: device, which is not through in that case. Any idea if there is any way to get information about the initiatior of the action?
Attached is also screen from the app, where it is visible who are the users....

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