Mitsubishi Q02CPU comm. through Q71E71-100


I am currently trying to read a Q02CPUs tags through a Q71E71-100 ethernet card that was installed into the Mitsubishi PLC. I am trying to access the Ethernet card through the default open UDP ports 5000/5001 or the default open TCP ports 5002 which my mitsubishi experienced colleague recommended. Connection with IPs etc are all OK.

I've seen this post: Q-series [solution]

And tried to verify possible errors with it but no success, I am getting a "Error: timeout" when trying to poll and read a value.
From what I've seen in the Ethernet Protocol Manual, Q71E71-100 Supports MCProtocol but the "open settings/port settings" drop down list doesnt list it in GX Developer 7.04.

Is there a working example with Q71E71-100 ethernet card?
Please have a look if anything looks way wrong, attaching some screenshots of my setup.

Can only post 2 screenshots apparently, more to follow.


GX router settings

Personally, I would not recommend default ports. I would recommend setup of a couple of dedicated protocols in the "Ethernet open settings" - like in the picture from the other post.

Also, I'd recommend 4E UDP (as it has a sequence number embedded in the protocol to improve data integrity/correlation between host and PLC)

PS: disable router relay function unless you have a specific reason to use it.


Thank you for a fast reply! :slight_smile:

  • At the moment I cannot do a hardware change which causes the machine to stop, but I'll plan this in for the future. How come default port is not recommended? Traffic?

  • OK switching to 4E, thank you for the tip.

  • Router is on due to the customers factory network/machine network having it. Will this cause problems?

  • Also the ethernet open settings for port configuration differ from the built in ethernet port vs the Q71E71-100 Card, e.g there is no "Allow online changes FTP/MCProtocol" option. This is how it would look for me to config the ports from the other post. Also notice it says "Fixed Buffer" wont this be problematic for the mcprotocol node?

Also the ethernet open settings for port configuration differ from the built in ethernet port vs the Q71E71-100 Card

Here are some working settings for the Q71E71 card...

NOTE: Switch to decimal input or convert the numbers in my screenshot to hexadecimal.

There is no harm setting up a few for future needs - also, if the port locks up (as they often do on Mitsi Ethernet) you can switch port numbers in node-red easily.

How come default port is not recommended? Traffic?

Partly Yes - it is used by programming tool, HMI etc
Also, I have had mixed results trying to connect to the defaults where as a dedicated port works every time.

  • Router is on due to the customers factory network/machine network having it. Will this cause problems?

It has no routes entered, being switched on is pointless.

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Thank you for the example!

I fear as I am not getting it to read at all with my current setup (I've read manual and tried lots of different configs in Node-Red) I will have to wait for my experimental PLC or try the port changes at opportunity as customer.

I assume your "Broadcast Together" is "Simultan" for me? Assigned Transmission target device IP for you is ""?

Also where would one change hex input to decimal?
Under options it is already set to decimal (doubt it is this param though)

It is usually above the port entries (at the top of the form where you setup the 16 ports) - dont worry, just enter hex equivalent values if you cant find it.

Yes, it means any ip.

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Finally got time to setup communications on my Q06UDEHCPU on my bench, using QJ71E71-100 now works. Although, I had to use the 3E frame in Node-RED, 4E wouldn't work, is this maybe unsupported with the ethernet card?

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This now up and running and working great, very good job with this node, another quick question though;

Is there any way to read multiple datatypes at the same time? I know I can do eg. D1000,100 and it will read D1000 and a 100 registers forward, D1000-D100. But can I mix and add eg. D1000,100 & X70,14 etc in the same topic and MC read connection node?

No that is not currently supported.

Typically I recommend that people transfer all the various areas, bits, bytes, strings, etc in the PLC to one contiguous area & read all data in one go.

This has several advantages...

  1. All data being used extensively is cross-referencable
  2. All data being read will be consistent (read on same scan)
  3. Much faster as all values read in one hit.

Another benefit is you can then easily parse the values into any format you wish use node-red-contrib-buffer-parser

Thank you for the fast answer.

Ok thank you, good to know, reading everything with one connection is preferable as you say and it is this setup I am aiming for, unfortunately I don't have the luxury to do a copy of all wanted values into a specific data area even though it's possible.

The goal for me is to simply lift the current data, I guess I could read all different data areas with multiple MC connections, or send in different topics in different intervals to the one mc connection.

Yes, buffer parser is already installed, great node :slight_smile:

I will now mark this thread as solved and closed. Thank you.

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