Modbus Communication Reconnecting

I'm trying to establish a communication between Node-Red and a SMA Sunny Tripower Inverter using Modbus TCP/IP. I'm using the node-red-contrib-modbus to establish Modbus communication. I think I was able to configure the Read Modbus node correctly and I'm getting no errors in the communication. However, this node keeps on reconnecting a lot (I tried playing with the polling rate, but I get the same behavior regardless of the value - I tried 1 second and 20 seconds). And I think because of this, Node-Red is not able to read all the parameters that I need. I'm trying to read 20 parameters, but I only get values for 4 parameters. I have one Read Modbus node for every parameter (I'm not reading in bulk). For every parameter, I have to read 2 addresses.
I already verified the Modbus map of the inverter and it's right. I used a Modbus Master Simulator to verify if the inverter could communicate correctly via Modbus and it was successful, so I think the error is in Node-Red.
Could anyone offer any insight in this matter?
Thank you