Modbus connection stop


I d like to know if there is a solution in order to stop/start a modbus connection with an inject button/function ? I tried with some stop/kill command but if the polling is stopped, the data are always read from the PLC..

When i clik the button the PLC polling is stopped but always a read in the response... How to really Stop/restart the connection ?

Code in the function:

msg.payload={}; ="PLC LABO DEFAUTS";
return msg;

And "kill" instead of "stop" do nothing

That will depend on if that functionality has been programmed within the contrib-node you are using.

Have you read the ReadMe / wiki (if there is one) on the nodes page on or on the nodes github page?

yes this is where i found these Stop/kill examples ...

But this don t help me to do what i want