[modbus-flex-getter:Send Request] Error: Timed out

Hello, I use Node Red via Home Assistant and when I restart HA my modbus connection to my wallbox is lost. I always get this error in Node Red Log:

[modbus-flex-getter:Send Request] Error: Timed out

I have to restart my wallbox to get connection again.

Does someone know how to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance!

BR Tobias

  1. what is a wallbox?
  2. since you are using Home Assistant, you might be better off asking on their forum

ah sorry, I am from Austria... with wallbox I mean an ev charging station at home

I asked there too but no solution so far

I will try to set up node red in a separate virtual machine and will check if there is the same problem.
Maybe this way I will at least see if it's a node red issue or a Home Assistant issue.

  1. What if you restart Node-red .. does that resume the modbus connection ?
    if not then its the wallbox that is hanging and maybe you are requesting too frequently ?
  2. what version of nodejs are you using ? node --version
    i think anything higher that v16 is not yet compatible with the Modbus nodes

Hi, thanks for your reply

  1. unfortunately a restart of Node-red add-on only does not resolve the problem. still no connection.
    I disabled all modbus flows and tried only one send request that I have triggered manually after I restarted Home Assistant and a connection loss. Nothing changed... I don't think it's requesting too frequently.

  2. It's version 14.1.0

I think that is no longer the case. In the readme it says 16 and 18 are supported from version 5.22 of the node.

you are right .. i must have been thinking of some older issues that the Modbus node was not recovering its connection. Seems to be resolved with the latest versions of Modbus.

@tobik176 Is the Modbus request TCP or Serial rs485 ? if you try with QModMaster do you see the same issues ? Try connecting / disconnecting and reading again.

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