Modbus-getter working but flex-getter not working

I am trying to rebuild a project that I have that;s running correctly on a second rpi 3b+
The underlying software on both boards are the same as far as I know.
Here some data:

I managed to use modbus-flex-connection, that is working fine.
One thing I am also trying to change is, to use modbus-flex-getter instead of modbus-getter.
I have them both side by side, to test, the modbus-getter is working fine, but the flex-getter, I can't get to work.

modbus-getter is configured as follows:

Function "Prepare" in front of the flex-getter, looks like this:

The status of flex-getter doesn't change if I force the inject node. Nothing comes out in the debug node.

I know there are many questions about this subject as well as many answers also. But I can't find any answer for my problem. Maybe also it can be something stupid that I overlooked. Anyone has ideas?

OK, after a long time, I see my stupid mistake.

Msg1, should really be msg1.payload

Right, problem solved!

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