Modbus RTU and Ascii RS485 commands on the same bus


We have a RS485 network with some Modbus RTU sensors and some anemometers that respond to a Asci telegram straight to the bus.

I'm looking to find a way to use both protocols on the same bus. So first pol all the anemometers then all the Modbus sensors.

When turning the Modbus RTU off manually I get the responses from the anemometers back fine.
But when I turn on the Modbus RTU I see that the anemometers send their responses but I cannot read them. Probably because the Modbus node is blocking this or something.

Currently the anemometers are being polled with a python script but if I’m planning to migrate to node red for these also.
De Modbus sensors work file trough node red.

Is there a way to turn of the Modbus node temporarily , send Asci messages through the Modbus node or send the Modbus trough the normal serial node?