Node Red Modbus RS485 to TCP Bridge

Hi @Steve-Mcl @json_lame This is in reference to your discussion on the modbus RS485 to TCP bridge. I have a similar use case for one of my projects. Wanted to know if you guys were able to achieve the same using node red.

Find here the reference link of the discussion - Modbus gateway - how to?

Can you expand on "similar"?

And like the other thread, most questions apply....

  • Assuming your end goal is connect a SCADA/Program/Something to your RS485 devices: What protocols does your "something" support?
    • for example, if it does MQTT, then this is a very simple task of collecting data from the RS485 devices and sending their values to the MQTT broker. I.E. No need to generate a ModBus TCP Server to support conversion from RTU to TCP
  • Does this need to be dynamic?
    • I.e. will the "something" ask for values from differing addresses, at various times in various sizes - OR - is the "something" poling 1 or more set areas regularly and unchanging?

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