Modbus server not running on linux

I configure Modbus server, but this error is coming "Error: listen EACCES: permission denied". node-red is running on Linux ubuntu(Orange pi-pc).

Read up this error and access to ports below 1000 on linux

the account running node-red needs permission to open ports below 1000

If I use port:1025 then this error is coming--"Is Not A Valid Memory Write Message To Server"

Is the modbus server running on the same device as node-red? Because if it is, you should probably be using localhost (AKA as the address?

yes Modbus server running on same device and I am using

When using one service to connect to another on the same server, you should use the internal address and not the external one as you have done.

If you use the external address, the traffic has to loop out via the network card and back in again and then do the opposite on the way back. Along the way, it will hit any edge security you have enabled which may be the reason your connection was being rejected.

So try using localhost or as the address instead.

One other thought though - you aren't using Docker are you?

Thanks for your response. I connect to Modbus server from another device in the same network.
But as you see in picture modbus server not running it gives error.

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