Modbus TCP/IP vs Ethernet/IP

Hello guys, I am going to develop edge gateway using node red which will fetch the data from PLCs into node red so I have two options to talk to PLC 1. Modbus TCP/IP and 2. Ethernet/IP
Can anyone suggest which one is better with reason?

Thanks in advance..

Modbus is much simpler in abilities and setup, Ethernet/IP has many more capabilities (however they may not all be supported by the node driver)

Ethernet/IP attempts to be deterministic (as best it can for an ethernet protocol). It has both implicit (tag link) and explicit (on demand) messaging. It's faster. On the downside, it can be difficult to get going - especially if eds files are required but are not supplied/poorly written.

What PLC make/model are you using?

Actually, I want to make gateway generic which means the gateway should be compatible with almost all plc's like schneider, Rockwell..etc.

Not getting about " may not all be supported by the node driver"..


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