MongoDB functions

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I'm trying to use the MongoDB to save some data on my setup. But I can't find any information or tutorial about how to formulate the functions...

Where can I find such information ?

Thanks !

Hi Nico,
I also find it is difficult to get info for mongodb and node-red.
I managed to have some success with mongodb2, I found this DMX Presets with MongoDB2 and DMXUSBPRO node(link)
as a good example. You just have to remove the dmxusbpro node in the flow, and you then see how to make basic operations with the mongodb2.
Also, if you have mongodb running, I assume you know about mongo-express to check your database, collections, and documents.

In the flow, a fixed set of global variables is used.
(In my case, I do not know how many DMX features I have per lighning project (>30 fixtures with different channels). So I build dynamic lists (collection: name, desc, channel, value etc) using the database, select / add / del / one item at a time for different setups which I put in different collections I access from a list of collections (which is a collection in the db). you can create a complicated lists with excel or LibreOffice
I am still using only the "nodes", I am trying to get mongodb to work in functions.
some reference (link)
good luck,

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