Monitor node-red performance with Prometheus

Hi here, this is the very first time I am asking a question here!

I have node-red running on top of a Kubernetes cluster, I want to perform stress/load testing for my node-red, I want to monitor the metrics like CPU usage, memory used and Requests Per Second, using prometheus (which is also running on the same cluster in a separate pod). I can see some metrics in the logs when setting metrics:true in settings.js but I am not able to understand how to expose an endpoint for prometheus ?

Hi @gauravdasgupta, there is no built-in prometheus integration in Node-RED.

You could look at using

@knolleary, thanks for showing a direction! I will be progressing using the same and will revert when I am done with my solution!! :smiley:

@knolleary thanks a ton.. it worked out of the box.. readme was enough :star_struck:

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