More "problems" with `chart` node. Times

Until the other day when I had to power cycle it, things were working fine.

Then after booting the chart node/s are not working.

Where as before I got the time line along the bottom.

Now I am not seeing it. It is stuck at 0:0 time.

To check I looked at another machine - same code - and it works.

Screenshot from 2021-10-04 09-37-10

Messages going into it are these:

No timestamps visible.
But it is working - as per above picture.

The machine in question shows me this:
(Oh, on ALL charts)
But this one to show same.

Screenshot from 2021-10-04 09-37-23

And asking the machine for the time/date I see this:

Mon  4 Oct 09:46:12 AEDT 2021

Which is the time.



One of the Other machines has since been rebooted.
It's chart is now showing a time line.

The third (remote) machine isn't.
and THIS machine isn't showing it's own timeline.

But ALL OTHER chart nodes are also NOT showing the time.

I've looked at the messages going to the nodes.
Other than they are all the same.
(Oh and the device names - of course - are different/unique to each thing they are showing.)

After a lot of Bashing head against wall I seem to have fixed it.

Sorry folks.

All I needed to do was send a msg.payload = [ ] to the chart and wipe it.
That seemed to fix it.

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