More project simultaneously opened with different port number

Hi all,
I would like use a server with nodered to create more than one projects and user could switch from one project to other opening different web page: or etc.
Is possible to create many folders and in each a nodered project associated with a different port number?

many thank in advance

Yes. See this: Node red multiple instances - #7 by Steve-Mcl

many thanks Steve

Just one more question
If I would like run node red in multi folder on boot I read about pm2 and - - user Dir arguments but seems not works

Do you know how to run multi node red projects with npm system in multi folders and multi port services
Many thanks

I usually recommend NSSM

See here: Running Multiple Instances of Node-red using NSSM - #2 by Steve-Mcl

Kind of depends on what platform you are using. PM2 is ok but fairly heavy on resources. NSSM works to turn scripts into Windows services. But if working with Linux, you can simply use a systemd script. My alternate installer has an example of what you can do. Dave's Pi/Debian script also sets up a systemd script I believe. so you can look at those to see what you need to do.

I use PM2 for my dev setup since I know I'll need to keep restarting often and PM2 has a watch function that detects file changes in key files. I use systemd for my "live" home automation server which runs on a Debian based old laptop set up as a headless server.

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