Create several projects on the same machine

So, I'm using this weekend to learn NR and got as far as creating an admin/user (read only) account and deploying few gadgets. That has been fun! Now, I'd like to keep my first project running and create a second one. How do I do it? Can an user be created for each project?

Are you aware that:

Node-RED only runs one project at any time. source

However the Projects feature will allow you you to build multiple projects but only have one of them running at any moment.
If you want to run multiple in parallel you will need to run multiple copies of node-red at once.

:confused: ok, but I don't have the option to start a new project in my web. Will keep searching.

How do you do that? Because port 1880 cannot be shared, right? Surely I'm missing some here.
And how about exporting the code so it can be executed by Python? Is it possible?

...running several instances on the same host can be quite an effort.
When using the same machine, IP-Ports need to be re.mapped/changed.
My solution is to use Docker, creating a new instance with its own IP .... works like a treat.

Check this previous thread - Node red multiple instances

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