Run multiple projects at the same time

I would like to run multiple projects at the same time. Could you please guide me to implement this?


The runtime only runs one project at any time. If you want to run multiple projects, then you'll need to run multiple Node-RED instances.

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Thanks for the reply!


Is it planned to make it possible to work on multiple projects at the same time?

Thank you,

Most likely you can only work on one project at the same time

Otherwise, x nbr's of NR instances, x nbr's of keyboard-mouse-screen and x nbr's of hands :wink:

Is this still the case with e.g. v1.0.2?

If I switch from project A to project B in the nodered GUI, project A stops working?

Yes, project A will stop because you will have replaced it with project B

Wow. OK. Totally misunderstood the point of Projects :slight_smile:
So I need a separate nodered installation. thanks.

Is there any way to delete a project from nodered gui?

yes but back it up first. In the projects menu is a trash can.
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