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I don't know if this question has been asked before. According to the documentation, I can only run one project at any time. By opening another project you change what flows are running. but the question is.

How can I update a flow on the different project without stopping the running project? Every time I open another project to update it my running project was stopped.

Also, I was checking the roadmap for Node-Red 1.0, On https://nodered.org/blog/2017/07/17/roadmap-to-1-dot-0, I noticed that Nick already mentioned in his slides on slide #6, that the frontend can EASY switch between projects. Any idea, please ...



The editor can only edit the project that is running in the runtime. The editor can easily switch between projects.... the runtime switches with it.

Thank you so much Nick for replay, Is there any plans to decouple the runtime and editor to have more flexibility about updating the project while one project running?

There are plans to decouple the packaging of the editor and runtime. This is the focus of the next release, 0.20. But that is about packaging of the individual components of NR. One could, in theory, use those to then build a version that supports what you want, but it isn't on our roadmap to provide out of the box.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just in case you aren't aware - you can run another (or many) instances of node-red on one machine as long as you change which port number its runs on.

In the past - I have had my main one running on port 1880 and another one running on port 1881 on the same Win 10 machine

That way, updating on one instance, doesn't affect the other one


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Hi Simon,

You are absolutely right, I am hoping to see some good use for projects feature within NodeRed with Git Integration. its okay to run one project at a time but at least we can update another project without deploying it or something like that.



I've used this technique for years, but it's all manual -- but reading this discussion has me wondering...
If two different projects are using different ports (defined in their own settings.js files), how big of a Editor UI change would it be to have 1 runtime server instance per project?

Of course, now that I write that, I can see there's not much extra benefit over simply changing the host:port in the browser's url... hmm. Still, it would be a nicer experience to use the Projects feature in the editor to switch between git projects while having more than one deployed and running on separate ports -- which would then require a "management console" to see which are running, deployed, yada, yada, soooo.... never mind.