More weird things happening with SUBFLOWS

Slightly following up from this thread:

One problem found

That is/was a problem.

At the time I was using FF as my browser.
It is the latest - AFAIK. 70.1 or something.
NR is 1.0.3

Anyway, I am working on a project and decided: rather than load FF (with it's numerous tabs - see Last post by me

I would load/use Chromium. I have it also installed.

Loaded and set off working with NR and the project.

Note: at this point FF is NOT loaded. Chrome has maybe 5 tabs open.
Mostly local NR dashboards.

I had to start again with the sub flow as there is a problem importing them.

Anyway, things were going well, and I was trying things.

Then the gremlins came knocking.
This machine's specs:
Intel® Core™ i5-7260U CPU @ 2.20GHz × 4
64 bit
16 Gig of ram

So, I was doing things and the results weren't as expected/usual.

Something is wrong!

I open the sub flow window and the input is not connected. I check and none of the outputs were either.

something removed the connections.

And it wasn't me.

I re-connected them and things became better.
Still not prefect, but that's because I haven't completed the project.

What is going on?
Any ideas?

Could it be something to do with the no response from server error/s?
(Which is the same machine)