NR requires multiple browser refreshes to load flows - again

I am getting the same symptoms as with the issue described here:

And this from the console log:

Running v3.0.0 beta 2

Can I suggest that you delete and repost this on the beta thread if you think this is a beta issue

Sure, do you mean this one?

yes please :slight_smile:

But it be handy if you could check to see if issue happens using NR stable version before doing that :slight_smile:

I have just replicated it on v2.2 on another NR ENV

I did an "empty cached and hard reload" on the browser a few days ago and it seemed to fix it, but it is coming up again - intermittently

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Do you have an anti-malware tool installed? Also, I assume that the Chrome extension that seemed to be causing the issue last time hasn't crept back in?

Some google-fu seems to suggest that something else is interfering with the browser cache.

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