Mosquitto broker (Bridged vs unBridge) working vs not working

Hi folks, it's been a wile. I'm ba-ack!

I have one of my headless RasPies running a CAD LCD display on it.
2 x 16 and some buttons.

At one level it connects to my central MQTT broker and they talk to one another.
There is also some local MQTT stuff of which the bigger network doesn't need to know.

I have the mosquitto.config set to BRIDGE the two brokers. (I'll get to that soon)
And I run a python script and all is well in the world - other than the local message getting into the bigger network.

So I remove the bridge and restart the mosquitto service.

The script fails - miserably - and all the MQTT nodes that are set to talk to the local broker don't connect.

If I check the status of the mosquitto.service I am told it is running.

Would someone mind helping me get through this mine field?

Check the mosquito log.

Thanks Colin....

I'm stupid and after looking there, found the cause.
Seems I stupidly put an empty line in the bridge and so when I looked at it, I didn't associate the next lines as part of the bridge....

Commented them out also and all seems to be now working.

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