Mot de passe qui ne marche pas

J'ai parmetrer le fichier settings.js pour mettre un utilisateur et un mot de passe mais cela ne marche pas quand je veut me connecter. Pouvez-vous M'aider

Can you show what you have done? And have you restarted Node Red?

Pouvez-vous montrer ce que vous avez fait? Et avez-vous redémarré Node Red?

j'ai trouver mon problème , il ne faut pas juste redémarrer Node-red, mais le raspberry-pi.

I think it would be a benefit for all, if discussions were held in English. That way more people can understand and help you with your issue. And if other people run into the same problem, they could use this information, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

They had not restarted their Pi after editing the settings file.

@kuema I just go to to translate back and forth. Maybe @antoine doesn't speak english. Heck, I don't speak french :grin:

I know, but Google translate can give funny or/and inaccurate results. :sweat_smile:

And it does not solve the problem if someone searched for the solution of this particular topic.
Maybe this topic gives us the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything... we would never know. :laughing:

heck, that's easy, it's 42 :rofl: