Node-RED 2.1.1 - PiZero install fail

Just gone all in with node16 on a new PiZero setup - JFI got this on 1st start-up

I won't touch it in case you want me to do any diagnostics on the syntax error

Change the log level to Trace in settings.js and see if you get more information about which node is causing the problem, if it is that.

No noticeable difference in log
(sorry for delay - edited the wrong instance the 1st time!)

I had something similar last night. If you add a console.log(err.stack) at this location in your loader.js file, you 'might' get more info about it.

No difference in start up output - I don't think this is a big issue - doesn't happen on my Pi4 beta version that I upgraded to 2.1.1/node16 - was just leaving it here for the devs in case interested

yes - interested - but not seen it locally - so unless we can get a handle on it we'll just have to keep an eye out.


There is a very finite list of JSON files the runtime loads. Although as far as I know, they all have better error logging than that.

The fact it comes after the Loading Palette Nodes message does suggest it's coming from a node module.

Can you list out what extra nodes you have installed?

This was vanilla with no flow/extra nodes.

To check, I've just used @TotallyInformation alternate installer into another folder and that doesn't show the error so I think it's just a little glitch in the matrix

Just gone into the editor and the Pi nodes are missing

Just going to re-do and see if it all clears 2nd time around
[edit]Just watching the paint drying :slight_smile:

mm - no change still the error - still no pi nodes (this was re-running install script - not a complete re-install)

This doesn't look right does it?


Shall I just nuke it from orbit (re-image the card) and see if it happens again?

would be a possibly useful test as if it does then maybe we can recreate also...
... and which version of RaspiOS are you starting with ?

32 bit - desktop with everything

Starting now - I'll get back later :slight_smile:

All fine on re-install - pi nodes are installed - must have been a stray cosmic ray on the 1st attempt!

Feel free to delete all the posts to declutter the thread :slight_smile:

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