Error in Node shown in Palette view; how to debug?



I'm am developing a new version of my node; however when I test it via the npm link procedure, it shows up in the Palette Manager, but with a strange error and I have no idea how to debug this.

Can anybody provide hints or tips?




Any error in browser console?


You'll need to look at the Node-RED log (not browser console) to see the details.


No errors; I'm looking at the palette code to determine how node listed here are being validated. It seems that node-red itself finds the node invalid.

Strangely, it does work at my local installation on Windows, but it does not on my RPI. Both are node-red version 0.19.5


The console log is also not showing any errors :frowning:


The Node-RED log will have an entry relating to this node module... it'll be near the start when it first loads the nodes and before your flows are running.


You are right :+1:

This is the error, though I still don't get what it is related to..

20 Nov 20:50:47 - [warn] ------------------------------------------------------
20 Nov 20:50:47 - [warn] [node-red-contrib-nefit-easy2/nefit-easy] Error: Cannot find module './lib'
20 Nov 20:50:47 - [warn] ------------------------------------------------------

Also, this error does not occur when I test on windows


I have a workaround for the issue: it was related to some subdependencies with inconsistent versions in de node_modules. By cleaning out all modules and “npm link” again, the error went away.

Also when installing via the palette, the error does not occur.

So it seems to be a specfic RPi thing.