Motor control via a digital button (dashboard)

Hello, I want to control a motor and use a RaspberryPi4b. The control is monitored via a GRBL CNC controller. As long as I hold down a button (Digital Dashboard), the motor should turn to the right as soon as I release the button it should stop immediately. Please help . Many thanks in advance


Which dashboard are you using?

There are several examples for Dashboard 1.0 - here is one such demo: Button on dashboard - #9 by jbudd

I use the normal node-red dashboard. Are there better dashboards for this?

The old (original) dashboard (we now call Dashboard 1.0 or legacy) uses old, unsupported technology (AngularJS) see AngularJS |

And while it will likely continue to work for some time, there will be a day when a bug or CVE forces users to move to a different "thing"

Because of this, @flowfuse/node-red-dashboard has been created. We typically refer to this as Dashboard 2.0. It uses vue instead of angularJS and is fully supported.

The choice is yours.

OK thanks. but do you happen to know how to control the motor? and how do I get to the dashboard?

I guess you send G Code to it.

There are a hand full of posts (including your other post where I pointed you towards to GRBL libs) and some others from @MadTooler and another Precision CNC Masking Machine using Node-RED Dashboard & GRBL32 CNC Control by @dudleyjosh - if these guys are still around, they might be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise you will have to work out how to parse and transmit G Code yourself.

I have no idea what you mean by this.