Move Node to other flow

How can I move a node to an other flow? I think in former versions you could drag an drop to a flow tab. In 3.1 it does not work like that.

I would expect ctrl-x ctrl-v to work. If not then ctrl-c and paste it, then delete the original. Remember you always have undo if something goes wrong.

If the "other flow" is on a different machine you have to export the node and import it.

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Thank you, this is a workaround. But what about drag and drop?

I don't recall drag and drop between tabs ever being a thing we supported, but I'm sure its something that could be considered.

If you wanted to raise a Feature Request issue on GitHub - node-red/node-red: Low-code programming for event-driven applications to capture it that would be helpful.

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Are you sure this used to work? I have just tried it on 1.0.4 and it gets horribly confused. All the nodes disappear, leaving only the wires. Refreshing the page recovers the situation of course.

Same on NR 1.2.6

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