Movie light automation

Previously I had Home Assistant installed with NR on a Pi3, but it was becoming increasingly sluggish and it was suggested I install NR as a standalone product on my Pi. I've done this and have set up a simple light scheduler that works well.

Now I would like to create a flow that emulates this flow I had in HA.


It uses a Hue bridge to connect to all light switches (HT lights), GPO (HT Power) and Zigbee Smart Outlet Socket (Millen Falc Switch).

So…What I’d like is:

  • When I turn on HT Power from the Hue app, it will turn on my equip rack and HT Lights & Millen Falc Switch.
    Then when Kodi was running
  • Turn off lights when a movie or tv show is playing
  • Turn lights on when a movie or tv show is paused
  • Turn lights on when a movie or tv show is finished or stopped - idle

This worked most of the time but now I have migrated from a Libreelec Kodi installed on a HTPC to an Nvidia Shield TV Pro that has 3 streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime & Disney+ (today I hope in Oz!!) and Kodi to stream media from my QNAPNAS.

So, now my conundrum, how/what do I use to create a flow for the above scenario?? I have searched for days but cannot find any references of how to use an Nvidia Shield TV pro to accomplish this.

There is a hue plugin for node-red, but also for Kodi, isn't easier to control it from there ?

There is and I have used the NR option in HA...but now I want to run NR without HA.

What would be great is if I can do this on the Shield TV for all apps as listed...not just Kodi.

Is it possible?

Doubt it, as it would require an API that you can read when something is stopped/started.
Easier to control that part from/via a remote control (like a harmony)

the big trick becomes detecting whether the app is playing or not. Kodi provides that, but for other apps, it's up to them. I know netflix does have something like that built in (it's how casting actually works behind the scenes) but i'm not sure if it's open. As for disney+, it's early days.
I've had some personal success using logitech harmony as my remote, but to simulate my play/pause detection i'm actually just splitting the output from a dashboard button to multiple events (until I get an IR receiver set up to sniff all IR traffic, using the harmony remote itself doesn't give me this option.)

Thanks bakman2 & JayDickson for your comments.

I will resort to doing it old school using Hue app along with Shield remote for now.

Just a thought on the Shield remote, it is a bluetooth device .... can the play, pause, stop functions be used in any way to achieve what I would like??