Moving node into Group at the same position doesn't offer to Save Flow

A strange issue I've discovered by accident.

  • Create a Group with some nodes
  • Copy and paste additional nodes from another Group into this one
  • Note how the pasted nodes are not really included in the Group, just layered within the Group outline (to check that you can try selecting one of them and note that the Group will not be selected, just the node, or try moving the Group and the pasted node/s will not move with it)
  • Deploy the Flow
  • Drag one of these nodes a bit then back to its original position and note the Group outline activate indicating the node is now included in the Group

At this point NR does NOT detect a change and doesn't offer to Save the Flow so one could lose their changes if there's no other activity setting the dirty flag and prompting to save the changes.

If the node if move to a new position then its change (in position) is noted and the Flow can be saved, but if it's dropped at the same spot, no change detection happens - I'm guessing that the Group inclusion is not tested to detect changes?

Also fixed in git - all the same underlying issue as the previous thread you started.

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