Group outline (selection) gets stuck after copy/paste of a node within it

When I copy and paste a node that's within a Group, that Group's dashed outline remains active/stuck even if I select another Group and it never clears (until the page is reloaded).

  • Drop a couple of nodes from Palette into the Flow

  • Select them

  • Choose Groups > Group Selection from the hamburger menu

  • Select one of the nodes in the Group

  • Copy and Paste it within that Group

  • Click outside of the Group or select another node/Group - note how the dashed outline around the Group you've created, stays there and doesn't go away, ever... well, I've accidentally made it go away by hovering another node over it - so that may help you figure out the logic.
    20200924 Group Problem reported

  • If you try to move the pasted node right after pasting - the entire UI freezes and Chrome tab can't be stopped or reloaded

This is already fixed in git for the next release.

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