Lockups when using groups

Morning all,
Having a few problems with the GUI freezing when using the new node grouping feature.
Copying a node and then pasting it within a group of nodes seems to trigger it!
It does not come back, F5 does nothing, CTRL+F5 does nothing, only closing the tab and opening a new one restores functions (Google Chrome).

Anyone else having this problem?

If I ungroup the collection of nodes, make my changes then re-group, all seems to be ok.
I'm running 1.1.3 in Docker on a Linux machine (Synology NAS).

Tried it out on one of mine but doesn't lockup (Vivaldi Browser on a Pi - NR 1.1.3 running on Win10)

[edit Also worked when using Chrome on the Win10 machine itself) ]

What machine/OS is your Google Chrome running on?

I ran across the same issue couple of days ago. I haven't had time to pinpoint the issue but the scenario sounds very similar. I think I added a new node to an existing group which caused the tab to freeze. There's definitely a bug there.

If you could find/describe reproducible step by step instructions how to make it happen, it'd surely help resolving the issue.

Just had a lockup after mistakenly dropping a copied node into a group but can't reproduce it

If I remember correctly for me the trigger was dropping a pasted node on top of a group and then connecting it to another node without deploying in between. Can you reproduce it that way?

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Couldn't get it to do it again -tried several times until I gave up and pressed Ctrl-Z to undo my last action and then it locked up

But can't repeat that effect now

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Running on Windows 10 Pro fully patched, Chrome browser also fully patched. NodeRed in a docker on a Synology NAS using watchtower and is the latest (Not Dev).

Yes, copy and paste within a group does seem to trigger the lock up.
I've taken to ungrouping to make changes then re-group when done.

Grouping is a nice feature, but it's clearly got some way to go.

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