Mqtt broker disconnect

I connected and controlled the esp 8266 house keys and curtain keys
For the first month, there was no problem between the esp and the NODE RED , but after a month, every two days, the esp is disconnected via mqtt with NODE RED , and I have to restart each board to solve the problem.
Where do you think the problem could be?

Do you mean you need to restart the ESP boards?

Does Node-red still communicate to MQTT broker or does that also disconnect?

Have you changed or updated anything lately (updated MQTT broker?)

Yes i need to restart the ESP boards.

No, but this was the last time I turned several buttons on and off immediately

Hi @aminzargarian. You could try connect other MQTT Client to check if there is communication yet, when the ESP board disconnects. This to dismiss that MQTT BROKER has a problem.

I recomend: MQTT Explorer or MQTT.fx

So, the wifi signal maybe the problem, also, but first try to this. I hope it helps you...

Yes, when that happens, all the boards will fail

I’m confused by your answers. When you make a statement like the above, it is meaningless to anyone but yourself because no one but you know how many buttons, what the buttons are attached to. You need to realize that no one knows your setup so you have to give more detail.

With do you mean when you say ‘house keys’ and ‘curtain keys’? That is meaningless to me.

It would be good if you could draw out your situation and label everything. Show where NR is running, where the mqtt broker is running, what versions of NR, node.js and mqtt you have.

Then attach a good quality of that to a reply. then answer `all of the questions previously asked. Run all the tests people ask you to run and describe the results.

We are all volunteers hers spending our time to give you a hand and it is your obligation to answer all questions in detail if you want continued help.


I'd also add a request to tell us what software you're running on your ESP8266 modules, and whether it handles loss of network or MQTT connectivity. Are you using an off-the-shelf package, or writing your own? What software are you running for WIFI and MQTT?

If your modules don't handle loss of connection properly, then it's not a Node-RED problem, but down to your ESP8266 software.

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