MQTT broker stops sending

I´m using the (built in) MQTT-client to subscribe to my appliance state stream from the Electrolux IoT-platform. This works fine for a while, but then the "stream" seems to stop, and stays in that condition. The only way to start the data flow again is a to (re-)deploy my Electrolux MQTT flow.

What would be the remedy or method to get around this problem? Please advice

What broker are you running and where is it?

What status does the MQTT node show when it stops?

Where is that running? Is it in the same node-red instance as the MQTT In node? How are you re-deploying the flow?

If you install MQTTExplorer on one of your PCs and connect to the broker does it show data coming in?

The broker is some "black box" Electrolux MQTT service that I found the tutorial to connect to here: GitHub - tomeko12/pyelectroluxconnect: A python module to communicate with Elecrolux Connectivity Platform

I have not seen any "disconnect messages" and I then probably need to set ut logging to file to get that since I do really not exactly know when the disconnect happens. Even if I got the messages, would it be of help? I have really not much documentaton of the broker other that the one on git. I now that the information stream stops at some point in time, and I can restart the stream by pressing the red "deploy" upper right corner button. Is probably not very elegant, but my idea was to "find" some function that could re-deploy the node or flow where the MQTT-client is.

My flow is quite simpel:

I have tried to use MQTT explorer, but not with sucess yet. Will try more...

I think you need to get that going in order to determine whether it is the broker or a node-red problem. What problem are you having? You should be able to connect with the same settings as you use in the node-red mqtt node.

What version of node-red are you using?

Seems like the data stream just stops. I can however restart it by actually going into my Electrolux iOS app…some message probably going from the app to the broker restarting the stream.

Is there some way to re-subscribe from a broker?

Have a look at the Dynamic Subscription section of the mqtt node help text. You can send it a message telling it to unsubscribe, then another to the subscribe. That will not help though if the problem is between the broker and the publisher.

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Hi again
I think the problem is on the broker side where Elextrolux most weekends seems to be tweaking and/or maintaing their applications/servers, apparently interrupting the MQTT data steam.

To "restart" the stream I send a "disconnect" followed by a "connect" to the broker. I do not need the dynamic subscription "thing", but I got the answer there. Thanks!

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