MQTT connection in different network

Hello. I am new to this IoT field. I want some suggestions from professional here to help me clear out my problem.

I have created a virtual machine in azure. Inside the VM, I installed node red. So the node red open under private IP which starts from 10.0.XXXXXXX

Then I install node red in raspberry pi too. The node red in raspberry pi start with local ip which is 192.168.XXXXX

So my problem is now, I want to send data from raspberry pi node red to azure virtual machine node red using MQTT. When I key in the ip address in MQTT, it cannot connect. So what I am missing here and what should I do now?

You haven't mentioned your MQTT broker running. Where is that running and what is it (mosquitto for example)?

Please also remember that any comments or suggestions in this forum should not be treated as profession advice.

When using a global cloud service like Azure, the default configuration is that it is secure. Therefore, there are no routes between your local network and your Azure network.

You need to create a suitable route and the safest method is to use an Azure VPN.

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