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hi i wanna to send msg via mqtt on pi to win 10 mqtt using node-red online "via internet" . how can i do that should i creat a server of mqtt or is there any other easy option . and thinks

I guess, both are NOT in the same network.
Install mosquitto or some other MQTT broker on either side (Rasperry Pi or Windows), but secure it with password AND TLS. Then forward a port (either standard port or any other) for MQTT from your router to the device with the broker. Use a static public IP or a DYNDNS service to get the public IP of the router, which made the port forward.
Then subscribe on one side and publish on the other side. One side locally, the other side over the internet.

If the devices are all on the same LAN, install Mosquitto on one of the Pies.
Otherwise use a cloud based MQTT broker such as hivemq.

If you are not familiar with securing services over the Internet, I would strongly recommend that you try to use some kind of secure tunnelling service instead if you can.

Also, read the FAQ on security:

my devises are not in some network and need a way to connect between 2 at 5 devise via mqtt or any other protocol . but i don't have the fix ip adress on them so i was lookin for a secure way transmit data . if it possible i don't wanna use vpn . i just need some thing like mqtt server and cheap

Did you investigate that suggestion?

You state the devices don't have a fixed ip, do you have any control over the devices? What are they?

Which is perfectly possible - but dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.

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Sorry, but what is this adding to the conversation?

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