MQTT garage door opener with Node-RED

I'm really sorry, I should have taken more time to inspect your wiring. The way you had it should have worked.
There must be something else not quite right.
Remind me... what happens when the relays change state??

What should happen is...
If RLA and RLB are both OFF or both ON, the motor is stopped.
If one relay is ON and the either is OFF then the motor will rotate.
e.g. RLA=ON and RLB=OFF motor rotates one way
and if RLA=OFF and RLB=ON motor rotates in the opposite direction.

Are you sure the relays are operating?
Can you hear a faint 'tick' sound?
Have you got a multimeter?
If you have you could do a continuity check - WITHOUT ANY POWER connected to the relays.

I open my garage door via dashboard which you would think is crazy but I send the code via text dialogue node. It is compared in a secure place.

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Same here I use NR regular Dashboard only

At some point I will get around to adding BlueTooth support to my garage door controller solution, so I can use my phone direct to my Pi device, and avoid WiFi. The Pi I have right now running the garage controller is older and does not have BlueTooth.

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Wouldn't that need to be paired. i'm not sure that i ever used the Bluetooth for the PI 3 B+

Right, that pairing is more secure than typical WiFi. It will be interesting, an interesting experiment. I am not al that worried about my current WIFI per se, it is secured as well as can be. But that is not saying much in total either.

There are about 70 WiFi routers/access points I can see from my WiFI NR collection flow. Only about 25 are secured well. What is funny is all the WiFi thermostats that are WIDE OPEN. I can right now, in about 3 minutes, completely turn several houses completely hot or cold as desired.


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