MQTT in Node, changed some how?

I have just come across something that puzzles me about the MQTT-in-Node.

I have some old flows (maybe 2 or more years) which have an MQTT-in-Node, the data going through the broker is just a simple string with names and readings, each seperated by a ;
This is the string, nothing fancy...
The output from the MQTT-in-Node is this:

I have just added a new MQTT-in-Node but the output is this:

The two nodes are sat next to each other in the flow, they are identical, all the fields are the same, the MQTT data is exactly the same from the same source and the debug nodes are complete message on both, yet the ouput is completely different.
The only difference in the MQTT-in-Node is that one is copied from a flow which is around 2 years old and the other is newly dragged from the left 'nodes' panel.

Am I missing something here?
Has the MQTT-in-Node been updated and changed?


Looks like one of the debug nodes is displaying only the payload and the other is displaying the complete msg object. Check the settings of the two debug nodes to see if they match.

I'm not sure, but I think the debug node is set differently for the two outputs.
And so would show the data differently.
But it may not actually be different.

I have figured it out, sort of.

Both are identical in all of their settings.

But the new one was failing to auto-detect 'string or buffer'.
I have changed the newer node to 'a string' and now I get the exact same output as the old one that is set to auto-detect.

How strange is that?

It’s called progress :joy:

Not strange at all...
you can see from your own screenshots that the debug is set up differently... in the first you have
showing the complete msg object and the second


just showing the msg.payload which is a string... so no not surprising at all.

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Erm, no. :wink:

Debug is set up the same, I can connect both outputs to the same debug for the same results. They are both set to 'complete msg object'.
My own screenshots are showing you that I get a 'different' output from each of the two MQTT-in-Node's

The soloution was to change one to 'string' from 'Auto detect - string or buffer'.
The strange thing I am refering to is that one is set to auto and puts out the string, the other does not put out a string when set to auto asuming it outputs buffer instead.

Problem solved anyway, it was just an observation why two identical nodes fed with identical information would output two different formats.


OK - so then the screenshots are not from the debug nodes you indicate as they are visibly set differently - but glad you have it sorted. Have a good weekend

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