Mqtt In node shows other payload than mqtt Bridge Node


I have a problem with the payload I got from an In node (zigbee2mqtt).

I have a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch (V1) and I can see at the bridge node that all keystrokes of the dimmer switch will be shown correctly. This means On_press, On_Hold, On_press_release and the same for Off and the dimmer keys.

But if I connect the dimmer switch with an In node I only got "On_Press" for every action. This means I press the On button and got two times "On_press" instead of 1x On_press and 1x On_press_Release. The same for any other button.

Any idea how to fix this?

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What are you using as the topic in the mqtt-in node?
Put a debug node on the output of the mqtt-in node and show us the different data.

I do not use "mqtt in" node. I use the "In" node from contrib-zigbee2mqtt.

What do I have to use for a topic at "mqtt in" node to get msg.payload.action? deviceID/action ?

Is the bridge node part of contrib-zigbee2mqtt too?


Yes it is:

I have further information. The payload will be shown correctly at the moment (I did not do anything) but after I have changed the payload output of the IN node the payload is crap again. After waiting a few minutes the payload is correct again.

Looks like some kind of temporary output bug ....

I am not sure whether anyone here uses the zigbee node. Most use the standard MQTT nodes to achieve the same thing. I know that some have had problems with the zigbee node and have moved away from it. You can do anything with the standard nodes that can be done with that node. Some find it useful to set, in the zigbee2mqtt configurartion file, outptut: attribute_and_json which makes the measured values available individually as well as combined in a javascript object. This is described in MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

A useful tool to install is MQTTExplorer which will show you all the topics your device publishes to, and the values received.

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