MQTT into function cannot read message

There is no topic in that debug output.

If you add an inject with the topic set, connected to a mqtt-out pointing at the broker, you can test it by sending the msg out and it comes back in the mqtt-in

That is correct

The mqtt outputs only on or off, where would the topic get injected from? My ESP which is where the data comes from sets no topic

mqtt works by having a 'broker' that routes msgs to 'subscribers' based on the 'topic' that the subscriber - subscribes to. The msg coming out of an mqtt-out node should contain the topic along with the payload.

When I send a msg to a mqtt-out node and add a debug to the output of the mqtt-in node, this is what I get:

Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 7.30.54 PM

Notice the topic is there along with the qos and retain.

What is creating the msg being published?

[edit] p.s. add a debug node(set to display the complete msg object) to the output odf the function node.

Didn't realize all the info that should have been in the message from mqtt. Stopped and restarted mosquitto and things seem back to normal
Thanks all

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